CBD bath bomb

Large or small particles of natural cannabidiol bath bomb, impregnated with essential (for aroma) and vegetable (for moisturizing) oils. the cannabidiol bath bomb has the following effects:

  • Therapeutic and healing effect

Indications for use of a therapeutic bath with cannabidiol bath bomb – they determine the therapeutic effect.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension stage I-IIA, hypotension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, cardioneurosis, coronary heart disease (coronary insufficiency without heart failure), myocardial dystrophy, rheumatic heart disease in children and adults in I degree of activity with circulatory failure I degree; Vascular diseases – thrombophlebitis, obliterating endarteritis; Diseases of the nervous system: neurosis, neurasthenia, dystonia, especially accompanied by insomnia and irritability, consequences of spinal cord injuries, plexitis and radiculitis; Diseases of the organs of support and movement: arthritis and polyarthritis of non-tuberculosis origin, diseases of the spine, the consequences of traumatic damage to muscles and tendons; Diseases of the female genital organs of an inflammatory nature;

Skin diseases: psoriasis, neurodermatitis.

Sea bathing and bathing with sea cannabidiol bath bomb are also an effective means of prevention and rehabilitation of patients with chronic bronchitis and chronic pneumonia, as well as the prevention of colds.

  • Cosmetic effect

In principle, everything said above about the use of baths with sea cannabidiol bath bomb for the prevention and treatment of skin diseases in both adults and children is related to the cosmetic effect of these procedures:

Relieves skin inflammation, irritation, diaper rash; Improves blood circulation; possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties: cleanses, softens, improves the structure and appearance of the skin.

In addition, you can add the following effects:improving regenerative processes in the skin, and, as a result, anti-aging effect, smoothing wrinkles; increasing the tone of the skin, improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin, preventing the appearance of stretch marks; effective fight against obesity and cellulite, restoration of body contours;

Helps reduce vascular “mesh” and swelling of the legs.

  • Psychological effect

Components of a positive psychological effect: the sea bath brings relief of pain, reduction of unpleasant sensations with any ailment;

the impact of comfortable conditions (warm water, pleasant smell, color, etc.);

the specific effect of cannabidiol bath bomb water on the nervous system; the specific action of the excipient used in addition to cannabidiol bath bomb (essential oils, plant extracts, other excipients that also affect the perception, nervous system, human psyche).

Contraindications to taking baths with cannabidiol bath bomb are: 

  • Acute diseases of various origins;
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases (chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, chronic kidney disease – glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis);
  • Acute febrile illness;
  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Chronic infectious diseases, especially tuberculosis with damage to various organs;
  • Oncological diseases, regardless of location and stage of the process;
  • The nearest postoperative period;

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, as well as baths, are contraindicated in women with menstruation.

What is a cannabidiol bath bomb?

How does cannabidiol bath bomb work? cannabidiol bath bomb dissolves well in warm water (if the grains are small, this happens faster), softens it and saturates it with minerals. Baths with such water have a beneficial effect on the skin, smooth out the relief and moisturize. If large particles remain in the water, they will work like a scrub. In addition, cannabidiol bath bomb helps to remove toxins, relieve inflammation, swelling, improves blood circulation, reduces the “vascular network”, and the aroma of essential oils relieves stress and tension.

CBD  bath essential benefits

Can everyone take a bath with cannabidiol bath bomb? For skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema), a bath with cannabidiol bath bomb is what the doctor prescribed. If you have insomnia, a “swim” with aromas of lavender or chamomile will calm the nervous system well. But with any infectious diseases in the acute stage and pregnancy – it is better to refrain from bathing.

Does cannabidiol bath bomb work?

How to use it? In addition to the obvious way, follow the instructions on the packaging and talk about others. Some add some cannabidiol bath bomb to the hair conditioner to increase their volume. This is a dubious beauty hack, after all, cannabidiol bath bomb can dry your hair. But mixing cannabidiol bath bomb with dry lavender flowers or orange zest is a good idea. This will enhance the effect of aromatherapy. You can also make your own body scrub – mix 1 cup of sea cannabidiol bath bomb with ½ cup of almond oil or jojoba oil and rub into the skin with massaging movements. You can take a bath with cannabidiol bath bomb at least every day, if you have no contraindications, but it is better to limit the time to 15-20 minutes, especially if the water temperature is quite high.

First of all, let’s remember what cannabidiol bath bomb is for. It is not necessary to say that baths with sea cannabidiol bath bomb are at least pleasant (as, incidentally, any other water procedures). And of course everyone heard that they are also useful. They are recommended by specialists in various fields, both healthy people and those suffering from various ailments. The benefits of baths with sea cannabidiol bath bomb are multifaceted: as a result of a series of such procedures, we get quite pronounced therapeutic (+prophylactic), cosmetic and psychological effects.

It is well known that spending summer vacation on the shores of the seas is very beneficial for the health of the whole organism. The healing properties of the sea were used in antiquity. Experts believe that from sea bathing, the blood supply to individual organs improves, blood pressure decreases, and the heart rate decreases. Not to mention the unconditional tempering effect!

The best CBD bath essentials 2019

Sea water has a complex chemical composition and contains a large number of mineral cannabidiol bath bombs (sodium, magnesium, potassium chlorides, magnesium sulfates, calcium, etc., about 40 elements in total), as well as iodine and various organic substances. Has a pH in the range of 7.5-8.4. During bathing, all these substances have a beneficial effect on the body, acting through the nerve endings embedded in the skin. Sea bathing stimulates metabolism, thermoregulation, increase vitality, adaptive capabilities, and have a pronounced hardening effect. There are a great amount of different cannabidiol bath bombs, which help you feel fresher and relaxing.

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Where to buy cannabidiol bath bombs?

Here we would like to introduce you to the various products of bath salts manufacturers, as we’re presented above. If you want to buy bath salts, you are exactly right. There are many different bath products,  cannabidiol bath bomb salt is mixed with essential oils of plants and their active ingredients. You can, of course, buy the natural sea salt bath salts or just special bath products that smell and act differently. On the Internet you can find a big divers of cannabidiol bath bombs, which help you relax and feel fresher and relief.