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What is CBD Oil?

The CBD Oil is non-psychoactive extract of cannabis that is legalized in some states in America, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries. It’s the hemp oil that can be made from the whole sativa plant including buds, flowers and leaves. The CBD Oil relieve pain, and symptoms of diseases, can be safely used in medical treatment. This is a natural product without any non-organic additives which is made from cannabis plants. The CBD Oil has been discovered in 1940, and it’s not new to medicine but researches keep going on and one thing is clear for now – it has more advantages than disadvantages.

The CBD is one of the compounds of 113 discovered cannabinoids. Even though it’s made from cannabis, CBD Oil is safe for taking, because CBD does not contain any psychoactive components unlike THC. Concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol in CBD Oil is very small – about 0,1-,02% of all. It means CBD Oil is not a drug – it’s purified component of marijuana which can treat people. People can use new methods of treatment without hard side effects such as mind-altering state that marijuana has.

Scientific research has found that CBD oil can relieve pain and has great medical potential. It is the fact that CBD can treat some chronic pains, anxiety and many other diseases. The CBD Oil positively affects CB1 receptors in the brain. Without causing any side effects, it effects on cognition and memory. By the way your emotional condition stays normal as well as sensory perception. In this way CBD Oil helps with mental illnesses, problems with nervous system and treat autoimmune diseases. It also well affects health and has many positive neurological effects, such as anesthetic and anti-anxiety effects.

When it worth to use?

If you need safe medical treatment, pay attention to this oil. This is not only to relieve pain or eliminate symptoms, but also to prevent diseases. The CBD Oil helps to treat:

  • Mental disorders. The CBD Oil has compounds which affect the receptors in the brain, and it helps to treat mental health or help to relieve condition. Illnesses such as schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s disease can be treated with this. Also, scientific researches invent that CBD Oil protects neurons from degeneration;
  • In the experiment with mice, scientists have proven that CBD Oil prevents the development of diabetes. Cannabidiol does not affect the glucose in the human organism but it blocks il-12 cells and other important cytokines that contribute to the development of diabetes;
  • Thanks to possessing anti-tumor properties CBD can be used for the prevention and treatment of tumors. CBD does not allow cancer cells to develop and impedes their growth. This is a truly unique medicine, and not too many medicines can prevent cancer cells, so this is a new hope for cancer patients;
  • CBD can treat problems with skin and acne. Scientists conducted an experiment in which it turned out that CBD can reduce production of sebum. By the way CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent develop acne. It is really helpful and unique properties in one medicine, but it still needs to be researched better on humans’ skin.

It is not the whole list of what can CBD Oil treat. Some studies conducted that this extract can help to quit smoking or fight with drug addiction. It is amazing opportunity for smokers or people who suffer from drug addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can be reduced because of pain-relief properties. A lot of researches noted that CBD can fight the opioid addiction, help people with insomnia or social-anxiety. In one study people took inhalers with CBD: it helped them to smoke fewer quantities of cigarettes than they smoke usual.

How exactly CBD Oil can be used?

There are many ways to use this Oil. It can be used by aerosol spray, tablets or capsules with CBD, inhalation and drops. In addition to treat mental disorders and other diseases, it can be used to relieve local pain, for example in the knee. Creams with CBD works faster because they have local contact with body while drops that affect the whole body. People have long known that marijuana has beneficial properties and now it is the newest treatment method without getting “high”.

More often CBD selling in liquid form in drops and it is really easy to use it. If you get the prescription and bought medicine in kit, in the kit you must find the instruction to use. To make process quick and easy there is a pipette in the kit to dosage the medicine. Remember: this is not the same thing as medical marijuana, it has a low concentration of THC, and you cannot smoke it. But it can be used with vapor when you take inhalation. Actually, the ways of taking are various for every patient because everybody has different symptoms. What everybody needs to remember is that you must follow instructions of your doctor about doses and timing.

Your body weight is important factor to consider doses. Health condition and concentration CBD in medicines are important factors too that you must consider. By the way there are a lot of brands of this medicine, so you must talk with your doctor before buy it.

The benefits of CBD Oil: can it relieve pain?

Not so long ago, scientific researches proved that some marijuana components and CBD itself my reduce pain. Human body has endocannabinoid system and the CBD effects on it with helping to regulate appetite, immune system, sleep and pain. CBD studies have shown that the oil interacts with neurotransmitters and activity of endocannabinoid receptors thereby reducing chronic pain. It makes nervous system healthier, and you feel better. Studies on human with using CBD and THC showed great results: this combination is effective method to treat pain of sclerosis or arthritis.

In combination 1:1 THC and CBD can relieve cancer pain and treat it. This is a great way to avoid chemotherapy or make it more effective. But before making decisions to treat yourself with this, you must talk with your doctor about it. Everybody has unique organism: this method can be useless for someone and very helpful for others. Anyway, rats’ studies showed us that injections of CBD may reduce the pain threshold during surgical interventions. And another study with rats proved that CBD Oil can reduce pain: rats were taking CBD in oral way and they had reduced inflammation of sciatic nerve and pain successfully.

For example, spray Sativex has CBD extract and THC compound. The both components contained as 1:1 and it can be used in the mouth or administered under tongue. It is useful medicine which approved in 25 countries including EU and US. It may be indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and other neurological or mental disorders. By the way this spray treats spasms and muscle stiffness, it means that CBD has a lot of medicine potential. Several studies were conducted with this medicine: some patients with multiple sclerosis has taken a placebo, and other took the Sativex. Forty-seven people who took Sativex were feeling healthier, pain was prevented, and they did not feel spasms compared with the placebo group.

What about side effects?

Like any other medicine, it has good and bad sides. But the natural origin and good tolerance speak for themselves – the CBD has fewer side effects than antidepressants and other sedatives. The CBD Oil effects the nervous system without any side effects. In addition, in some small-scale studies, no adverse effects on mood or vital signs were found what means it’s safe. But there are still some side effects.

CBD Oil can cause:

  1. Diarrhea;
  2. Tiredness;
  3. Weight loss
  4. Changes in appetite.

This is not a definitive list of side effects, because each person has an individual body structure and nervous system. For example, there is a medicine EPIDIOLEX which was approved by FDA and it has many side effects. People use EPIDIOLEX to treat two types of epilepsy or reduce symptoms, but there are still some disadvantages such as: troubles with liver, reduce of appetite, problems with breathing, gastrointestinal problems, apathy or slackness, problems with urination, etc. In the official medication guide of EPIDOLEX patients can find more information about side effects.

By the way for medicines like EPIDIOLEX it is necessary to observe strict dosage and constantly monitor the patient’s condition. All the patients must know that all AEDs (antiepileptic drugs) including EPIDIOLEX may increase suicidal thoughts or behavior. It is important to make sure that the patient has a caretaker, and he is monitoring him for worsening of suicidal thoughts and mood. Like with any other serious medicines, you must follow to take a certain dose of drugs prescribed by the doctor or in the instructions. In any case, studies have shown that although it has side effects, it does not develop dependence.

Everyone who considering taking CBD-contained drugs such as EPIDIOLEX or Sativex must talk with their doctors first. A lot of research has been done so far, but medicine still lacks data to say for sure whether it is safe or not. Undoubtedly those drugs have benefits and FDA approved them, but there are a lot of products that still needs to be approved. There are some doubts about prolonged use of CBD Oil, but it is excellent as an additive to the main treatment.

Can CBD Oil treat depression or anxiety?

This is truly important question. Most people who are depressed need to take non-safety medicines such as antidepressants, sedative or sometimes opiate tablets and pills to cure their illness. Medicines like this have a lot of side effects, and people can’t live their lives happily because they feel stoned or too calm. Doctors prescribe barbiturates, tranquilizers and benzodiazepines to treat anxiety, because it can be dangerous disease when people can’t work, concentrate or even talk to anybody. All these medicines may cause substance abuse and you can become addicted to drugs.

But luckily for patients there are new ways to treat anxiety or depression without lots of effect sides and buying expensive drugs. There were a lot of humans and animal studies that proved CBD Oil can reduce anxiety and depression. The classical study: some patients were taking the CBD Oil as medicine, and others got placebo. But the study was a public speaking test and guys who took the CBD Oil weren’t feel anxious or discomfort. There were only 600 mg of CBD, and the result was truly unbelievable compared with people who took a placebo.

But not only depression or anxiety can be treated by this extremely good medicine. Some children who has posttraumatic stress or insomnia were taking the CBD Oil and it helped them to reduce symptoms. It means this is useful and safe to take in small quantities. The antidepressant effect is achieved through the interaction of CBD with the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible for mood and social activity. The conclusion is obvious: CBD oil should be used to treat diseases of humans or animals because of its safety and good tolerability.

Other benefits of CBD Oil: what about heart health?

Fortunately for people with heart diseases like hypertension the CBD Oil lower the pressure. Recent researches proved that CBD Oil has benefited effects for circulatory system and heart. Researches indicate that using drugs with CBD is a good way for treat high blood pressure and it could benefit heart health at all. It’s a good way to prevent the development of health diseases like heart attacks, stroke or metabolic symptom. For example, there was one experiment with using the CBD: 10 healthy people took 600 mg of it and it reduced resting blood pressure. Scientists and researchers think that there are anti-anxiety and -stress properties in CBD Oil because of ability to lower a blood pressure.

Studies on animals showed the same positive effect: it reduced heart disease and made heart healthier because of anti-stress property. In one experiment with mice who had diabetes scientists gave them CBD and it prevented heart damage and stress. However, CBD Oil has a good potential to treat some of heart diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure or prevent heart attacks and stress. It could treat all these diseases, but there are still needs to make more studies on human to get know exactly can it be effective medicine or it not.

Using CBD Oil to treat cancer or reduce symptoms

Recent studies of using CBD Oil on patients with cancer or with symptoms of it showed that:

  1. It’s making patients feel better. All vital functions work normally, and people did no reports about worsening of condition;
  2. It works with other medicines. When you are fighting with most dangerous diseases like cancer you should taking special drugs in particular doses. With using CBD-contained drugs your treatment will be going on lighter and faster because of pain-relief properties in oil;
  3. It can prevent the develop of cancer cells. There are some studies that proved CBD Oil making cancer cells dying or even stop their development;
  4. It is a great medicine to determinate side-effects of other drugs. When patients taking pills or do chemotherapy there are a lot of side effects while you are getting treatment such as vomiting, pain, nausea, headaches, stomachaches and others. Drugs with CBD and THC helping to reduce all these symptoms. If the symptoms are hard, patients should take drugs with more THC on it to successfully determinate side-effects.

There were a lot of experiments by using CBD drugs on animals or people with cancer. And all of them showed good results. The extract with THC and CBD components worked much better than only drugs with CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol contains same chemical substances as medical marijuana: patients feel better without any dangers, and pain is relieved. In experiments with patients who needed chemotherapy and no medication, they felt nauseous and painful. And another plus of using the CBD Oil is a natural origin. It’s much better than taking harmful painkillers.

It’s not just a drug that can relieve pain or anxiety: it helped a lot of people with reducing cancer symptoms, and it has properties to exterminate the cancer cells. If more researches will be done – who knows, maybe it’s a new way to treat cancer. For example, there was a study with sixteen people who diagnosed with cancer. Before chemotherapy, patients had to use a spray with a combination of a single dose of CBD and THC in the mouth. As a result – patients felt better without any side effects like vomiting or pain. This is a well-tolerated drug that has been approved by the FDA, but it needs more research. It is safe, but still has some side effects, of course, not as scary as vomiting or pain.

The legal status of CBD Oil

CBD Oil legalized in medical purposes to treat two forms of epilepsy. The Food and Drug Administration approved drugs that contain CBD without a high THC content. There are many states in America that suggest using CBD oil to treat seizures or diseases, such as epilepsy. For now, it is legal to buy in medical purposes in 17 states of America such as Iowa, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Wyoming, etc. In many EU countries, it is allowed to use CBD oil for treatment. By the way it is easy to buy cbd oil on Amazon or eBay and ship to your country if the law allows it. Everyone who decided to use it must check federal and local laws about drugs and CBD to avoid problems in future.

It is not a medical marijuana but one of 110+ compounds and sometimes it’s difficult to understand where you can freely buy and use it. In some states of America, it is hemp oil what means it’s not the same thing as medical marijuana. Every month the number of states where it is legalized and can be sold are changing, so the buyers should pay attention to it. Before considering buying it, talk with healthcare provider in your city who can tell how you can buy it. In many states of America and other countries, you can get prescription CBD medicines. The rules are different everywhere: in some states to take a prescription you need to prove that other ways of treatment didn’t help.

Here are some facts about CBD:

  • United Nations did not include CBD in Psychotropic Substances schedule and recommended to remain it unscheduled;
  • It does not have any psychoactive compounds and does not provide “high” effects like marijuana. The concentration of THC about 0,2%;
  • It is made from hemp, not from marijuana, what makes more secure;
  • It is legalized substance in Canada to recreational and medical purposes.